1. How far is the effective operating distance of the product?
The A100 and A200 wireless microphones have a maximum barrier free operating distance of 100 meters.

2, wireless frequency, is there a distance requirement?
Yes. When the wireless microphone is turned on, the distance from the receiver is not more than 5 meters; In actual operation, even if the distance is more than 10 meters, it can be completed.

3. Can the new technology be applied to products on other occasions?
This is a new technology, it can not only be applied to entertainment wireless microphone products, but also for performances, conferences, teaching and other occasions to use products, can be said to be applicable to all wireless microphone products. Our company is introducing new technology products for other occasions.

4, the same KTV place can accommodate how many wireless microphones without interference?
Unlimited number of units.
Because of the dynamic intelligent networking capability, the operating frequencies of the product do not overlap within the effective radiation range (the distance of about three or five rooms in the case of partition walls). After leaving a long enough distance, the working frequency can be reused, so an unlimited number of units can be accommodated, and these operations are automatic and intelligent, and do not require manual operation.
And in use, every time the microphone is turned off, the system will re-select the best frequency, so the whole system is dynamic and will be more and more adaptable; Even if external interference occurs during use, it can be avoided.

5, in the use of the product, will there be crosstalk phenomenon or wrong frequency phenomenon?
Neither. For crosstalk phenomenon, our products have ID identification function, as early as 2008, our products no longer exist crosstalk phenomenon. Even if two wireless microphones with the same transmission frequency are turned on successively, the receiver only recognizes the last microphone to complete the matching frequency.
Don't worry about right or wrong frequency, we have already considered this problem. Even if multiple open receivers are placed together, the microphone can accurately identify and correct the frequency, and ignore the other receivers.

6. Does the product have automatic mute function?
The product has automatic mute function. After the microphone stands for about 1 second, it will automatically enter the silent state and no longer pick up the sound; Pick up the microphone and automatically resume the sound immediately. Most other brands of products on the market, after the microphone stands, it takes 3-5 seconds to enter the silent state.
At the same time, our entertainment products also have the drop mute function: when there is a fall, the microphone quickly muted before landing, to avoid the huge impact caused by the landing to damage the speaker or destroy the scene atmosphere.

7, can I turn on the microphone first and then the host?
Yes, but this is not recommended. The normal order is to turn on the mainframe first, then the microphone.

8. What happens if the effective distance is exceeded in use?
If the effective distance is exceeded in use, staccation will occur. Return to the effective range in time, you can restore normal use.

9, encounter interference to produce noise how to do?
The frequency used by each microphone is determined jointly by multiple receivers and microphones, and there is no frequency overlap or interference. If you do encounter interference and produce noise, it must be caused by the new interference frequency of the outside world, you can turn off the microphone once and then turn it on. At this point, the working channel should have changed. It is through this change that external interference is avoided, including interference that may be caused by other wireless microphones that are turned on later.

10. Does the product have transmission power adjustment function?
Yes. In operation, the system automatically senses and adaptively adjusts the transmission power of the microphone according to the distance of the operation and the number of obstacles. The transmitting power is increased when the distance is long or when there are many obstacles. On the contrary, the power is reduced, and the intelligent adjustment is made at any time, which not only protects the needs of the system, but also reduces the impact on other systems.

11. Can new technology products be mixed with wireless microphone products from other manufacturers in the same place?
Agreed. To accommodate this, we set up a quick and error-free frequency freeze feature. In the frozen state, after each turn on the microphone, the frequency of use does not change, and its working state is exactly the same as that of traditional products.
In the case of mixed use, it is necessary to do a check and perform locking operations: our products are not opened first, and all other manufacturers' products are opened first, and then our products are opened one by one; Turn on one receiver, turn on the corresponding microphone, until all of our products are turned on. Then check to confirm that there is no interference, our products can be frozen one by one.

12. What about fake goods in the market?
The product is clearly superior to existing products on the market, but the new technology is easy to copy. Our company has obtained the patent authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office, patent number :ZL 2020 2 2856222.7. Once counterfeit or infringing products are found, the legal Department of our company will take the lead and take legal measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company and customers. Copycat infringers will face the legal scope of compensation liability, infringers will gain more than the loss.

13. How to identify counterfeit goods?
Our new technology products, each has a unique sequence code, and the sequence code contains anti-counterfeiting information, its rules are only our company grasp; There is also a one-time code anti-counterfeiting label on the product, which can be queried by phone or SMS. There are registered trademarks outside and inside the product, if necessary, our company can disassemble the product, and the authenticity of the product can be confirmed from multiple anti-counterfeiting feature points
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